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Lovely Lengths Hair Growth Serums and hair care systems were created after dealing with hair thinning from stress and high blood pressure medication.
Believing that thinning hair was DNA related, Lovely Elle started  researching serums and oils to thicken her locs.
After years of cutting, coloring, streaking, and damaging her hair, Lovely Elle finally started using essential oils and rinses to thicken, grow and shine her lovely locs.
Lovely Lengths was created for the woman and man that wants to maintain and grow out their hair.
Using all natural ingredients along with organic essential oils, along with a weekly or bi-weekly washing regimen, research revealed that healthy hair comes from a health scalp.
Treating the scalp with essential oils and natural rinses, along with hydrating daily helps to maintain and grow the hair.
Nurturing the hair shaft with weekly moisturizing rinses thickens and produces growth and retention of healthy hair.

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All Lovely Lengths Hair Serums and Rinses are made with essential oils, organic and natural products.

All Lovely Lengths serums and rinses are made with all natural and organic ingredients that moisturize, condition, and build the hair shaft to thicken the hair and retain the length.

All rinses are made with natural ingredients that are water solvent that intensify the hair follicle to increase growth, strengthen the hair shaft, and build stronger roots for longer hair. Made for all hair types, Lovely Lengths products are guaranteed to moisturize and condition hair that is stagnant, dry and brittle, or itchy with a irritated scalp.


Moisturizing Shampson, Small Rinse, Leave-In Conditioner and 1 oz. Fenugreek Oil $49.99


Rosemary Rinse, Rosemary Mint leave-in conditioner and 1oz. fenugreek or rosemary oil $49.99


Two, 2oz any oil $40.00


Two hair rinses $35.00

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