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Lovely Elle created Lovely Lengths Hair Growth Serums and hair care systems after dealing with her hair thinning from stress and high blood pressure medication.
Believing that thinning hair was DNA related, Lovely Elle started  researching serums and oils to thicken her lovely locs.
After years of damaging her hair, Lovely Elle finally started using essential oils and rinses to shine, thicken, and grow her hair.
Lovely Lengths was created for individuals that wants to maintain and grow their lovely mane.
Using all natural ingredients along with organic essential oils, along with a weekly or bi-weekly shampoo regimen, research revealed that healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp.
Treating the scalp with essential oils and natural rinses, along with a healthy diet and drinking water helps to maintain and nourish the hair shaft.

A healthy scalp produces, promotes, and helps to increase and retain length.

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Lovely Elle

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